Destination Paradise Falls


The Disney animation team had to model four different monsters before landing on this Marshmallow.

“Snow is an opportunity, because it’s a white canvas.  It’s a lighter’s dream, in that the lighting is the color.  The local color is minimal at best in all these snowscapes, so it’s all about the lighting.  We consider it a blank canvas that allows us to actually paint with light.  We’re having a lot of fun with that.” - Lisa Keene, Frozen assistant art director


This is the first painting I ever did. My friend Amber taught me the tricks I needed to know to make a painting and I just took off from there. I still haven’t finished this one. I think I’m going to leave it the way it is and do another one now to go side by side as sort of a comparison to where I started and where I am now. They’ll probably look exactly the same haha